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In The Fucking Pillory - September 23
It’s a cheap pillory — they couldn’t be bothered to carve wrist holes — but it’s sufficient unto its purpose: Art is by Lord Anandalle. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: His Bondage Bitch Two Girls In A Sex Pillory Nowhere To Jump Puritan Gangbang Dungeon Pillory Sex
Revenge Of The Sisterhood - September 22
The cop lady is not happy about the unconscious nude blonde tied to the pillar: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Going To Sexy-Jail Arresting A Rookie Cop Like Tom Of Finland, Only With Women Misuse of Police Equipment
Sarah Banks Collared And Fucked - September 21
Putting cute little bondage collars on pretty little vanilla-porn starlets and then fucking them hard in a gonzo-ish rough-sex style is admittedly not a recipe for the production of genuine BDSM porn. But if you do it right, it’s still cute as hell: The collared-and-fucked model seen here is Sarah Banks, appearing in Hookup Hotshot: […]
Caged And Gagged In “The Woman Hunt” - September 19
This is a clip from the 1972 movie The Woman Hunt, complete with gags, blindfolds, and bamboo cages: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: The Kinky Fox Club Paint Guns And Buried Blowjobs Dining With Wonder Woman More Bamboo Bondage Slavegirl Transport
“Hush, Girl, It’s Best Not To Speak” - September 18
Yes, dear. Save your voice for screaming: Art is by Ferres, in a new Dofantasy comic called The Proto. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Captured For Bondage Anal Elf Sadist Chick With Pussy Needle Buttfucked By A Mongol Bondage Harem Girls Blowjob Fit For A King
A Gag For A Pretty Spy - September 16
This is from the cover of a European pulp novel: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: An Injection Of Sexy Useless Cloth Gags Interogated Spy Chewing Her Gag
Fucking The Girl In The Cage - September 15
From an Italian fumetti comic: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Single Tear, From Spanking Tied To A Broom Caged Girl Is Ready To Play Black Slave Woman Bondage Face Fucking

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Titanic, The Kinky Version

From Bondage Blog: "Remember that scene in the move Titanic where Kate Winslet is 'flying' on the bow of the Titanic in the arms of Leonardo Dicaprio? That could have been better, if done with a kinky sensibility. If Leonardo had the balls and soul of a true pirate, theyd have done it up in bondage, and tied her up as a living figurehead. She would make excellent pirate booty..." (More...)

Bondage Punishment Enemas

From Bondage Blog: "Two quite big girls, bare but for their stockings, were having a double enema. Kneeling side by side on a wide wooden bench, they had their arms secured behind them in wrist and elbow cuffs, their heads right down and buttocks thrust up. Into the amber anus of the one on the left threaded a red rubber tube which ran from a canister set on a shelf above. A second tube, of quite astonishing length, was just being inserted into the entrails of the girl on the right by the black-robed Matron, as Maria walked into the room. "This I want to watch", she said with a creamy chuckle, as the lightly-greased tube slid in..." (More...)

Jungle Bondage

From Bondage Blog: "From my all-time favorite bondage site comes a new pictorial featuring a beautiful jungle captive. The lovely model is Jenni Lee and shes in trouble! Heres the story: Dragged deep into the jungle, Jenni Lee finds herself at the mercy of a twisted guide. The guide takes Jenni to a hurricane damaged structure, and there her bondage begins. Dealing with nature, big ugly bugs, and the guide, Jenni finds herself suspended, flogged, and both holes violated, as the guide enjoys her sexy body. " (More...)

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Neon Wand:
The Neon Wand creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin, causing sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling to a more intense focused sensation that some find painful. The Neon Wand kit comes with 4 different glass attachments: Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, Ninety-Degree Probe, and Tongue Tube... (More...)

black leather bunny bondage hood

Black Rabbit Hood:
The Black Rabbit Hood is a top quality black leather bondage hood. This animal face hood is hand crafted from premium black and red garment leather by highly skilled seamstresses. The Black Rabbit Hood is both sexy and scary. The bunny face conveys an expressive sense of mischief and mystery... (More...)

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