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At The Mercy Of His Fingertip - June 16
Tawni Ryden breathes, or not, at his decision and the gentle pressure of his fingertip. And she seems very calm about it: From this old Water Bondage shoot at Kink Unlimited. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Water Punishment For Home Invader A Cold Bath For Slave Angelique Pirhana Tank Executioner Wintertime At The Bondage Hot Springs […]
Group Sex The Bondage Way - June 14
I’m not into group sex, but if I were going to consider it, this is probably the kind of group sex I would be considering: Artwork is by Bill Ward. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Tropical Bondage Hostel Deep Throat Bondage BJ Bondage Knob Licking Dungeon Pussy Whipping Sharing The Girl In The Pillory Wired For […]
Rough Bondage Anal Over A Table - June 13
He goes in rough and dry, with just a quick thumbing to loosen her butthole. Is it any wonder her eyes go wide? Art is by AyaSwan, who also has a Patreon. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Dry Bondage Anal: A Cruel Fantasy Penny Pax, Taken From Behind Dopey's Anal Captive Bondage Anal, Down On The […]
Kiss The Electric Zapper… Or Else! - June 12
London River is in a compromised position here. The ropes won’t let her escape the zapper, so she’d better make friends with it: From Anal Graduate at Kink Unlimited. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: London Rivers Well Pounded Making London Cry Bondage Anal Sex Show A Funnel Gag For London River Rain DeGrey, Top Grl Show […]
Reluctant Dungeon Catgirl - June 11
It looks like this girl got “recruited” to the leashed-catgirl slave role and she’s no happier about it than any cat on a leash would be: Artwork is from a vintage Kitan Club Japanese fetish magazine. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Tied Up Tiger Woman Cat-Girl Suspension Dungeon Leopard-Girl On A Leash Gagged Cat Girl The […]
Enforced Wait For Her Switching - June 10
“Now, you wait here while I cut a switch. Don’t run off now!” Artwork is by Sergisky.
A Bondage Date With The Twins - June 9
It’s date night with the twins who live next door. Only trouble is, the guys are having trouble remembering if anybody actually, you know, invited them… Artwork is by Disarten. He has a Patreon you can support. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Jeanie Marie's Bondage Blowjobs Double Dickin' With A Sex Machine Gentlemen, Be Seated Bondage […]

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The Shocking Dilemma

From Bondage Blog: "Here's some nasty electrosex dilemma bondage from Wired Pussy. As long as her muscles hold, Elise Graves is fine. But when she slumps, she lands on that big sheet of copper plate, her sweaty body completes the electric circuit, and she gets a hot jolt from that wired-up vaginal probe. This reminds me of a long-lost bit of video of a wired-up suspended girl whose nipple clamps were trailing onto an electrified metal sheet. She tried to hold herself up, but every time she got exhausted and collapsed hopelessly into the current, they just turned it up a few notches..." (More...)

Titanic, The Kinky Version

From Bondage Blog: "Remember that scene in the move Titanic where Kate Winslet is 'flying' on the bow of the Titanic in the arms of Leonardo Dicaprio? That could have been better, if done with a kinky sensibility. If Leonardo had the balls and soul of a true pirate, theyd have done it up in bondage, and tied her up as a living figurehead. She would make excellent pirate booty..." (More...)

Chained Women In Prison

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "There's an entire genre of "women in prison" movies featuring tiny bits of bondage, nudity, sex, and soapy lesbian shower scenes. Most of these movies ultimately deliver less of all four than advertised, leading to dissatisfaction with the six short seconds of grainy naked boobies that were the highlight of the shower scene in "South American Chain Gang Girls". I'm thinking this is what somebody at Whipped Ass thinks South American Chain Gang Girls should have looked like..." (More...)

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velcro bondage bedsheets

Velcro Bondage System:
The SportSheets bondage system includes a soft, velvety fitted bed cover with two nylon straps and a drawstring. Also included are four Sportcuffs with four anchor pads. The pads are Velcro squares that can be placed anywhere on the bed cover. The cuffs are then attached to permit a wide variety of light duty bondage positions. (More)

bondage sex sling

Bondage Sex Stirrups:
This bondage sex sling (aka portable stirrups) is perfect for putting (and keeping!) your partner in the ultimate compromising bondage sex position. The padded neck piece supports her neck, while the attached chain leashes firmly restrain her thighs and ankles, keeping her legs held up and helplessly open with pussy well exposed... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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