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A Good Girl Waits On Her Knees - December 8
Not that she actually has, you know, a lot of choice: I like that look of that knotted-rope faux chain, too. Photo is from Anal Heist, a Kink Unlimited Sex And Submission production starring the lovely Whitney Wright.
Surly Woodland Captive - December 6
She has been watching you cut and peel a switch for her boobs, and she’s not at all happy about it: From Bondage Forte. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Enforced Wait For Her Switching The Girl In The Yellow Dress Tied To A Tree In The Yard Tied To A Tree, Saphos Edition Tied To A […]
Lesbian Prison Sex - December 5
Those bars don’t really look narrow enough to prevent escape, but then again, if the company was that good, would you be trying to get away? Artwork is from the cover of Sbarre Serie Arcobaleno #6. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Prison Girl, Lesbian Cruel Lesbian Attentions Women In Prison Life In A Lesbian Jail Jail […]
Angela White, Collared - December 4
She looks just a little bit worried. Probably, all her life, men have “done stuff” to those big juicy tits of hers, and she figures with her wrists tied, it’s about to happen again. She’s right, too: Photograph is by Dave Naz, from the April 2018 issue of Hustler’s Taboo magazine. If you didn’t catch […]
A Modern Figurehead - December 3
Ancient sailing vessels had wondrously-carved wooden figureheads, often featuring naked ladies. But in the modern world, where craftsmanship is dear and flesh is cheap, the real thing is more economical: Artwork is from Kitan Club. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Octopus Bondage Soaking Her Head Galley Slaves: Women Titanic The Way It Should Have Been Water […]
Wonder Woman Visits Device Bondage - December 2
Doesn’t this look to you like the set of Device Bondage, guest starring Wonder Woman? Artist is MisterJer. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Love Bondage For Supergirl Chaining Wonder Woman Putting Wonder Woman In The Squad Car Dining With Wonder Woman Girls Just Wanna Be Slaves Wonder Woman In Bondage
A Kennel For Serena - December 1
Porn star legend Serena finds herself in a dog kennel in this scene from Fulfilling Young Cups (1979). It’s part of her initiation into a suburban swinging cult, but to me the most amusing part is the German Shepard dog watching and wondering “hey, when do I get my crate back?”

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Bondage Blowjobs Training

From Bondage Blog: "Pet Owner advises on the girl training required to get a proper bondage blowjob: Gentlemen, if you havent had a blowjob from a tied-up slavegirl, you just might not have truly lived. There is a great deal of extra effort required to properly please a man when a womans arms arent free or shes otherwise contorted. That doesnt mean she can get away with being slipshod about it, though. Take your time and have her practice until shes better at serving you bound than she is rope-free. Anything you train her in is a thing worth her learning to do properly." (More...)

Chastity Belt Bondage

From Bondage Blog: "Here's an amusing tale from the modern-day adventure in voluntary humiliation that is airport security: When a 40-year old British woman set off a metal detector alarm at Athens airport, bemused security staff found that it was caused by a chastity belt she was wearing. It happened a few days before Christmas. The metal detector went off and after a further check we found out she was wearing a chastity belt, airport police official Dimitris Tzouvaras said. The woman told police officers her husband had forced her to put on the belt to make sure she had no extra-marital affair during a brief visit to Greece." (More...)

Bondage Sex, Spanked Girl

From Spanking Blog: "Just a friendly little bondage and cropping, but we know that in the very next picture her panties will be down and some guy will be balls-deep inside her. Theres just something special about plain white panties on a girl whos about to be giving a bondage blowjob..."(More...)

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black leather bunny bondage hood

Black Rabbit Hood:
The Black Rabbit Hood is a top quality black leather bondage hood. This animal face hood is hand crafted from premium black and red garment leather by highly skilled seamstresses. The Black Rabbit Hood is both sexy and scary. The bunny face conveys an expressive sense of mischief and mystery... (More...)

leather bondage gloves

Bondage Opera Gloves:
These lace-up opera glove style bondage sleeves each have three large D-rings on heavy leather buckling straps for attaching any part of the arm to the body, down to the sides, behind the back, or to bondage furniture. These gloves are special because they have an inner flap that fills any gaps between the laces... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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