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A Gagged Bondage Buttfuck - October 13
She was whimpering too much, so he gagged her. And then he got back to the serious business of fucking her up the ass: Artwork by Inverto. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Chained To A Pipe For Anal Blindfolded And Buttfucked Captured For Bondage Anal Buttfucked By A Mongol Bondage Buttfucking, French Comic Book Style Buttfucked […]
Involuntary Booth Babe - October 11
The trade show turned out to be kinkier than they expected: Art by Disarten, who has a Patreon. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Bondage Date With The Twins Public Amenity
Getting To Know Her, In Bondage - October 9
Fate bound them together. Alice’s assets, on the other hand, are what got his attention: Cartoon is by “Abdenoor” from the 1960 Adam Annual. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Waiting For The Headhunters Skull Hunt On Pygmie Island: Successful! The Dinner Girl
Unexpected Bondage Fisting - October 7
Poor girl! She didn’t even know that anal fisting (much less bondage fisting up the butt) was a thing before she woke up in that straitjacket: Artist is InvertoAlbedo. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Bondage Fisting A Fisting For Juri Bondage Fisting A Caned Woman A Vigorous Bondage Fisting
Inside A Danish Slave Market - October 5
I know I’ve seen the slave auction image from the front of the Color Climax 8mm BDSM porn loop “Slave-Market” (CC Film No. 1403) before. Indeed, I can’t believe I haven’t posted it in the past. Or perhaps I have — but if so, I can’t find it now. But I don’t think I ever […]
The Beastmen Cometh…Inside The Princess! - October 2
It looks like the blonde princess is having a rough day. Being chained and double-penetrated by a pair of large beastmen is suggestive of greater problems with realm security: Art is by Saatana, aka Doomsatan666. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Captured By Seven Dwarves Blowjob Fit For A King Giving Pleasure To Punished Princesses Slave Princesses […]
Bondage Blowjob Cheerleader, Redux - October 1
More than a dozen years ago, I posted a version of this cheerleader bondage blowjob drawing with the notation that I thought it was from an early Dofantasy comic. I’ve never been able to confirm that attribution, precisely, but over the years I’ve learned that the artist is “Zerns”, and there are indeed many Zerns […]

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Saturday Morning Bastinado

From Spanking Blog: "In case your feet werent tingling today, heres your Saturday morning dose of bondage and bastinado to make your toes curl in sympathy..." (More...)

Mika Tan In Prison

From Bondage Blog: "Mika Tan has been in this prison before. So when she sees the two most brutal screws in the place coming toward her cell, she knows: this is going to be some unpleasant handcuffed rough sex. These guys are thorough and brutal and they like to humiliate the female inmates. Its not enough, for these guys, to handcuff a girl to the bars for a quick blowjob or a poke in the rear: Nope, they dont know where to stop. They don't see any need to stop. And by the time its all over, Mika knows, there will be prison guard jizz everywhere and she's going to be face-down in that nasty prison toilet..." (More...)

Cage Bondage Spanking

From Spanking Blog: "Big steel cage? Check. A entirely spankable booty? Check. Some nice rope bondage to keep her bent over? Check. Riding crop? Horny guy?" (More...)

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steel bondage cage

Jail Cell Bondage Cage:
The Jail Cell Stand-Up Cage is perfect for keeping a human captive exactly where you want. You can stash your prisoner, slave, or submissive in this very attractive steel cage and wont need to worry about them escaping. Pefect for indulging your brutish prison guard / helpless female inmates bondage fantasy! (More...)

tall bondage collar

Tall Curved Posture Collar:
This tall curved costure collar (available in black or white) makes slouching impossible. The curve provides some room for the wearer's jawline, as opposed to the straight edge collars which compel the wearer to keep her chin up and head back. Strict bondage if worn for very long! Closes with locking buckle... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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