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Talking His Wife Into The Stocks - February 21
There’s little I like more than a story of an unhappily married, sexually-frustrated man who convinces his wife to put her neck and wrists into an authentic set of unattended wooden dungeon stocks “for a photo.” She’s not getting out so easily! “I want a picture,” Tony Rollins said, as his hand left the light […]
The Bondage Dentist - February 19
The bondage dentist is cheap, because he only works on pretty girls, he lets them drool through a dental gag so he doesn’t need an assistant with a vacuum wand, and he’s careless about pain management. In short, he’s a sadistic jerk. But he is cheap: Art is from BDSM Fan Comics. Elsewhere on Bondage […]
The Bondage Table Girl - February 17
Nothing teaches a submissive patience and deportment like regular stints as bondage furniture. Sure, her muscles start to burn, but this table girl knows it’s nothing so bad as the punishment she’ll earn for spilling the wine: Artwork: Chibiabos. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Mobile Bondage Workbench Best (Bondage) Coffee Table Ever Two Perfect Women Bondage […]
Forced Anal Training - February 15
Via Kinky Delight, this detail is from a larger bit of artwork by Cervolex. Somewhere in a severely-managed harem the veiled and shrouded women drink tea and chat while they see about the anal training of the new harem slaves. They show no mercy at all, because the Grand Vizier has none: Elsewhere on Bondage […]
Kink Unlimited Valentine’s Sale 2019 - February 13
There was very little fanfare or announcement this year for the Kink Unlimited Valentine’s sale. Affiliates didn’t even get a heads up before the sale began to run. So there’s no word to share on how long the sale will go; it might end in less than 48 hours when Valentine’s Day is over or […]
Orientalist Bondage: Harem Art By Eisenhut - February 11
About eleven years ago I posted little cropped versions of two delightfully ridiculous Orientalist harem bondage art scenes from the 19th century, painted by Ferencz-Franz Eisenhut. Both paintings feature wooden bondage stocks, although in one case, the stocks are merely lying unused as set dressing in the foreground. Back then, I couldn’t find large nice […]
Prison Sex Party - February 9
The prison riot is going pretty well, actually. Nobody’s actually escaped — the walls are too thick, the bars are too heavy — but it turns out the warden was pretty comfortable. That rascal had a little love nest behind his office, with a wine cellar and a live-in mistress. She’s not too thrilled to […]

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From Bondage Blog: "There was a time when the empire was just one site called The bondage was at once simpler and more rigorous than just about anybody else's. Although continues to produce high quality bondage porn, stumbling over one of their oldest galleries is nostalgic. This recent example from Kinky Delight is what I'm talking about..." (More...)

Japanese "Schoolgirl" Bondage

From Bondage Blog: "Remember the early days of the internet, when porn consisted of BBS sets of grainy photos scanned from magazines? And kinky porn all came from foreign magazines? When 'bondage' meant Japanese bondage from imported starlet magazines featuring high-fashion young Asian ladies posed in schoolgirl outfits, with book bags, wrapped lovingly in rope, and fully clothed or so carefully posed that you never saw a pubic hair or a pussy? My, weve come a long way since then." (More...)

Wooden Punishment Stocks

From Bondage Blog: "I think wooden bondage stocks, even simple portable ones like this pretty Pain Toy model is getting spanked in, would be a fun addition to the toybox. And from the look on her face, I suspect she needs something to keep her from putting her hands behind her..." (More...)

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cheap alternative to the violet wand plasma electrosex toy

Neon Wand:
The Neon Wand creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin, causing sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling to a more intense focused sensation that some find painful. The Neon Wand kit comes with 4 different glass attachments: Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, Ninety-Degree Probe, and Tongue Tube... (More...)

bondage ball gag

Pink Rubber Ball Gag:
This distinctive rubber bondage ball gag has soft pink leather straps with elegant edging and a bright pink, non-toxic rubber ball. She'll be pretty in pink with our matching pink blindfold, collar, and wrist and ankle restraints. All our pink leather bondage gear is made in the USA from fine leather with a rich and uniform color. (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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